• Precision Healing is a healing experience of excellence, connecting you to your true inner essence.

  • Receive clarity, confidence and deep inner calmness for living your authentic power and for evolving your consciousness even more.

  • Heal, release and transmute to expand beyond the perceived limitations of human experiences, which have created stored energy from overwhelming emotions, trauma, shock, grief and pain. All of which are in the way of your harmonious inner well-being and also of your being as the highest creative expression of love in action.


  • What you will receive

    This 1-1 Precision Healing with Mette April Wassinger is a 90 minutes healing experience. Also, adjusted to your call you will receive a private energy meditation created for you personally.

  • Where we will meet

    Mette April Wassinger has her practice in Copenhagen, but you can receive Precision Healing worldwide on Zoom. All you need is your phone or computer, earplugs and a silent place to sit or lay.

  • When your treatment is held

    For scheduling your session, please choose a time at your convenience in the booking calendar via the buttons on this page. You are welcome to record the session in order to experience it again and again afterwards.

The highest inner state of being is to be in the present moment. It is like being in a pure and true love relationship with your lifeforce.

Mette April Wassinger


Clients' stories

“Mette, you have brought such wonderful increase to my life: in the 3 years that we have grown together, you have healed my arthritic pains in my hips, released old stubborn memories from my childhood that I didn't even remember till you saw them for me, shown me who I really am and mirrored it back to me in your healing and your cards, because you can truly see my soul, my true being, the perfection in me, rather than egoic self that we all must operate through temporarily. You have instilled strength, and power and confidence through your healing words and vibrational atunements, and so much more than I can put words to. But my heart and tears tell the rest of the story.”

“My dearest Mette, I love you so deeply!

I want to begin by saying that your magical meditation invites and welcomes everyone and anyone to an extraordinary, life-changing experience of exponential growth and transformation. Through your gentle voice, and high vibrations, you create a presence of stillness within that allows one to embrace the essence of a higher positive energy to melt away old paradigms such as stress, fear, doubt, worry and pain. Your beauty and the gift of meditation teaches one how to meet both self and others with kindness, patience, unconditional love, and forgiveness. Yes, in essence, a paradise of Serenity within.

In summary, Mette, your meditation is the Genesis of a symphony of a rich, beautiful fulfilled life utilizing harmonious vibrations that opens a pathway to the universe, thus allowing one to create one’s own harmonious Heaven on Earth.

Deep, love and gratitude always and forever, ”

“A session with Mette is a transformational event! I have felt and seen quantum shifts in myself and others. Mette not only heals with energy and colors, she heals with the power of her words. The knowledge that she shares about what comes through to her has been very powerful for me. I am in North Idaho, USA and Mette is in Denmark. It feels like there is no space between us. She is right here, with me, supporting me, inspiring me and guiding me. I can listen to the sessions again and again, always receiving more increase. What a beautiful gift Mette is! I encourage everyone to invest in themselves and their personal healing by working with Mette!”


Mette April Wassinger is a conduit for one of the world’s most precise and ever evolving healing ways of activating your energy, nervous system and harmonizing your heart and brain coherence.

Everything is energy, and this energy presents itself to Mette as colors, infinite waves and images and she loves how they make her feel. She sees very precisely into a field of pure love consciousness to activate energetic healing for others to expand beyond the perceived limitations which are stored as a remembrance in our energy and nervous system from life experiences, trauma, shock, grief and believes.

26 years of practice with more than 35,000 client sessions world-wide - private and group, in-person and online - has lead to the development of her own healing method which calms the nervous system, realigns heart and brain coherence, focuses individuals on the importance of being in the present moment.

Mette is very passionately working in collaborations with her soultribe and co-founders of Retreats named Journey of the Heart and Matermind/Guilds for highly devoted women as entrepreneurs and leaders. She also supports and is a guidance for those who are here to play in new levels of energy as change-makers, way showers and creative visionaries, so they may live, love and lead through a soft, clear and inner calm way of being.

Mettes highest intention is to be a pure present conduit for higher consciousness. She works on being the living example of everything she teaches and is a guide for as well as an ever evolving growing authentic being through the love she is. Her greatest desire is for whom she serve to feel so good inside, so calm, so whole that they reside in that unique vibrational state of being to create all of their hearts' desires.

Mette April Wassinger

Nerve Specialist, Precision Healer & Energy Reader


An intense 8 weeks season for you who want to evolve, grow and heal intensely to become your authentic power and evolve through the higher consciousness you are to manifest your heart's desire. Please contact Mette April Wassinger personally at +45 2125 1320 or [email protected] for more information.


“Mette you have a magnificent gift. Your healings take me to a magical place, a place of healing. It’s truly amazing what I feel in my body during your healing. Words cannot adequately describe just how beautiful and powerful it is. I’m truly blessed to have you in my life.”

“From the very first time I was introduced to Mette's healing, I felt the profoundness of this beautiful healing energy. Mette has a way of holding a very sacred space so you can completely open up. Every healing has elevated me in so many ways. I am so grateful for Mette and her services. I love the extra gift she shares at the end of the session, it's always spot on!”

“Mette, your energy and your energy transference elevates us vibrationally as a group. You share the changing colors, by encouraging breathing and prayer. For me - this “special time” is Calmness - a sense of CALM - as time stops - and we vibrate to a higher level - with your insight and encouragement. Thank you dear one! Thank you. ”


If you are interested in knowing more about Precision Healing or have other questions, I welcome you to contact me via telephone or e-mail. Also, feel free to connect with me on WhatsApp, optionally by scanning the QR code hereby.

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